Wednesday, August 31, 2011

VMA's 2011 Best and Worst dressed

The VMA's took place two days ago. Hollywood doesn't disappoint when it comes to fashion, always giving us stuff to talk about.. Let's get straight to the point and see who was the best/worst dressed of the event...

Let's check who's outfit was a Hit and who's was a Miss

Lady Gaga as her alter-ego Jo Calderone. I feel like punching her.. She has this annoying face!!

 Nicki Minaj dear lord!! she has disaster written all over her.

 Selena Gomez looks like a 12 year old hooker, exactly Like her BF!!



 Britney Spears! When are u going to get you a proper stylist!!

 Jersey Shore Cast:

 Deena Nicole
 No brainer Miss!

Snooki even though it's an upgrade from what she usually wears!

Even though I like her, Oh dear God Miss
Looks like she had some work done to her face, assuming Botox and lip fillers along with losing tones of weight! She looked better before!

Ronnie Magro, what's with the shiny suit!!

Sammi Giancola
The best of the worst


Vinny looks like an outcast with the pale complexion!!

 Demi Lovato 

Jessie J


 Kanye West

Katie Holmes, get a stylist god damn it!!

 Katy Perry.. Pink Hair!! Really?

 Kelly Rowland

 Kim Kardashian

Miley Cyrus

 Rebecca Black, what would u expect from the Friday singer!!

Wiz Khalifa + Amber Rose

Sorry for posting this a bit late got caught up with Eid preparations.
Eid Mubarak to all Muslims out there, hope you have a blessed day.



Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the comments ... Hilarious !! :D

MiMi said...

Lolz =p tysm glad u enjoyed it =)

Sarin Aladadi said...

hey Mimi! I have to first say that you crack me up with the hit and miss responses! I would agree with ever single one. I would call the hit and miss and see if your response matched exactly with mine! and p.s. I dont know what was up with lady gaga but he/she (whatever) just irritated me to the max! I think that demi and kelly killed/worked their outfits(those are my two faves)!! :)

Thanks for the comment!! You're so sweet and I luvv your blog<3 keep posting I'll be eagerly waiting :DD


Anonymous said...

I thought kims was all right but amazing analyizing! Thanks for the post

MiMi said...

@ Sarin, tysm girl your comment made my dad. If you like my sarcastic sense of humor then we have sooo much in common.. It'll be looking forward to check your version of Hit/Miss

Thx Deema, I though Kim can pull off a much better outfit.. For some reason I don't think long gowns suit her..

AVE-MARIA said...

thank you for your comment, and for this post :D
you are so right.
I wishing you a nice day

Noeh said...

i agree with you sister. a lot of fashion mishap.. but i love Beyonce's. such iconic looks.. love it..
following your blog now..
hope you check and follow mine too..

stay fabulous and SPREAD LOVE!

Francesca R said...

I had a lot of fun reading this post!! Loved it!xx

Holziepink said...

hello :) just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog and for saying you like it :D i love yours, this post was hilarious! oh my goodness i did not realise in the slightest that that was lady gaga i had to do a total double take - crazy, crazy lady! il look forward to your next post :) im following you now, follow me back? :) Take care <3 Holz oxo

Holziepink said...
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Holziepink said...
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Nicola said...

omg!kim kardashian´s dress...:D:D

CutestPrincess said...

so funny, but i love selena gomez!

It's a GIRL Thing

la magie de MB said...

hahah nicki Funny :)

La Magie De MB

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

There were definitely more misses than hits!!

xx Cristina

Chick Flick Journal said...

okay look i definitely agree with all of the hits and misses except for miss Gomez. I love what she's wearing! okay maybe it is a bit grown up for her but it's beautiful and elegant with the lace

caise said...

Beyonce looks so beautiful!

sadia said...

Beyonce is the only one looked good!

's' is for sadia

Hello Naka said...

i love adeles hair and katy perry's dress but im not sure about her hair ^^;

Adrien Loren said...

Oh! my dog!...

Niki Minaj... is Horrible!

I can't belive it!


Adrien Loren

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Beyonce looks amazing. x hivenn

Abi said...

I like Miley here!

Miss Independent said...

i love beyonce, she looks amazing with that orange dress!

Stasha said...

Fantastic photos

Tay Tay said...

Haha wow hard critic :P I enjoyed this. Awesome post.

Following <3


Elekon said...

I loved only how`s Beyonce dress but enjoyed looking at others with a smile too:) great post!

Holziepink said...

hello :) I've given you a little blog award - have a look at :)
<3 Holz oxo

Holziepink said...

hello :) I've given you a little blog award - have a look at :)
<3 Holz oxo

Anonymous said...

Lol you wrote miss for all except like 2!

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