Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Katie Price launches eyelashes line

Katie Price launched her lashes line recently. I knew she was going to release one a year ago as she mentioned she was working on it in her reality show.
Ever since she announced she was working on a line I knew I was going to order them straight away! This lady loves her lashes! She sometimes wears 3 to 4 pairs together to give her that tranny
dramatic look! So, you'd expect something great since she's into thick long lashes. 
Now, I like dramatic lashes but not too dramatic! I like to keep them thick and long but still natural! The line consists of 3 types of lashes so you can pick and choose whichever you like the most. They retail at £4.99. I read that some people have been getting them for around £2 at savers.

I ordered Wild and Tamed. Fierce was unfortunately out of stock will be ordering one once they're available, I most probably wont be using it since it's too dramatic, but u never know =)
Will be posting pix and will do a review once I get them. xoxo

Available at Katie's official website or Amazon uk. 

Check my review on them here


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Misha said...

Hey great post! I'll see if I can get them too, probably get the tamed on, please do show pics how they look once you get them :-)

MiMi said...

Hi Misha,

I did a review on them a while back you can check it here :)

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