Monday, September 27, 2010

Fab "Make-up" Finds 2

Since my last make-up review, I have bought some good product that are worth buying and some plain useless ones. I've also been searching for the best foundation out there that would serve my oily skin well, I did find some good ones but still not good enough.

Nars Oil Free Foundation

I can happily say I found the best foundation for me. This amazing foundation makes my skin look smoother and doesn't clog my pores.. I've been suffering from some breakouts recently and this foundation is not heavy on my skin and it didn't cause my skin to breakout at all. It actually covered them nicely and it didn't even seem like i had any pigmentation. It stayed longer than any other foundation and my skin didn't get oily as fast as it used to get with other foundations. But, and I hate buts, sadly after falling head over heals in love with this foundation i was gutted to find out It's going to be discontinued soon, and going to be replaced with Sheer Matte foundation, which I didn't really like even though I went to Nars to originally get the Sheer Matte!
I'm going to stock up and I f you do like it Stock up =)

La Mere The Oil Absorbing Lotion

 I bought this Oil Absorbing lotion months ago and used it in the morning as a moisturizer. I stopped using it and forgot about it. My sister suggested I use it as a primer before applying foundation and I did. I'm going to ignore my Bobbi brown oil control lotion and I'm going to use this miracle worker from now onwards. The texture of this lotion is very light, non-greasy and is fast absorbed by my skin. I can't believe I had it all this time and forgot about it!

Makeup ForeverHD Microperfecting Primer in Mauve

I have yellow undertones which I really hate as it tends to make me look either sick or tired!
This MUFE corrector in mauve is said to reduce yellow undertones (each color is set to correct certain skin discoloration) so I gave it a shot. I tried it on one one side of my face to see if there will be any difference and I actually did see a difference. This oil free primer brightened my skin and toned the yellow down. I apply the corrector after applying my La Mere Oil absorbing Lotion.
Useful Hint: I did say this in a previous post, Always pat your face lightly after applying any primer, moisturizer or lotion. Between each application pat your face gently with a tissue paper to absorb any excess.

Fusion Beauty IllumiFill Line Filling Luminizer with Amplifat

 Kim Kardashian is the face of this product. 
This product is a line filling radiance booster, which also firms and highlights as well as restoring youthful volume! 
In addition this product contains "A concentrate of Amplifat™ and No-line™ suspended in calcium-based microspheres helps stimulate the body to produce collagen, promoting increased density and facial volume over 28 days, when applied twice daily." 
I was really excited to try it out as i wanted something that would plump my cheeks and emphasize my cheek bones more. I wasn't expecting anything major like Kim's cheeks since it's obvious she had hers filled, regardless of the BS she says, I wanted a little boost. This product did nothing. Have been using it for 2 weeks or more and I saw nothing. I dont even like the shine it gives! It's completely useless and a waste of money. 
I might keep using it, it "might" do something in 28 days!

Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

This Oil Free foundation comes second on my favorite foundation list. I was using this for a while before discovering Nars Oil free foundation. I really like it. The only thing is my T zone got slightly oily in a couple of hours, which isn't bad at all comparing to other foundations. I used to cover my T zone with MUFE matte velvet+ so it'll stay matte. But  I have to say the Nars Oil free last longer and wont go oily as fast.
If your skin complexion isn't too oily this would be a great foundation I do recommend it.

Nars blush in Deep Throat

 Nars has amazing blushes I have to say as well as naughty and funny names =) 
Orgasm is one of my all time favorites blushes, but now a days Deep throat is my favorite. I love it. It's a a light peachy tone with slight shimmer. Gives a beautiful, flirty, baby doll glow. 

Nars Blush in Exhibit A

This might seem like a very strong color but this Red/Orange blush looks really good on and complements all skin tones. It's a concentrated color, so i apply a every small amount.

Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric in no. 2

I usually don't go for anything other than powder foundation since creme or silicone base blushes makes my skin dewy and oily. But this Fabric blush is amazing. It gives a very subtle rosy color. It's pretty concentrated so you don't need much to apply just a small amount will do. Love it.

Dior Skin Natural Glow Sculpting Powder in no.20

 I really like this compact. I don't use it for sculpting. What I do is after i'm done with my make-up  i blend the colors together apply it under my eyes, on my nose, my forehead, my cupid bow, and under my lips to add some glow. 

Dior Skin Shimmer Powder in 002 and 001

 I really like this shimmer powder I use it as a highlighter. Both shades are amazing. After applying Dior's Natural Glow Sculpting Powder I applying this on my cheek bones, nose, cupid bow, and lower lip.

Mac Blush Dolly Mix

I LOVE this sheer tone shimmer Blush that gives a very sultry, flirty, and girly look. I only apply it on the apple of my cheeks as it can be too strong if applied all over.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fab Purchases and Wish List

it's been a while since I posted about the amazing items I purchased and some amazing stuff on my wish list.
I'll start off with the fab items I purchased.

I fell in love with this leopard Celine Luggage tote.

I'm all about bracelets now a days so I added 2 new love bracelets to my Cartier gold love bracelet. I got the White gold with diamonds and a summer love bracelet which i added two colored strings to.

Christian Louboutin Larissa in nude. Just like the one Kim K is sporting.
As you all know by know I'm a sucker when it come to red soles.

Wish List

 Hermes Gypsiere. I'm so into shoulder bags and I'm in love with this amazing bag.

The lovely Hermes Constance has been on my mind for a while now. I'm looking for the perfect shade of color and leather to add to my collection.

 I saw this beautiful Nancy Gonzales bag at bloomingdales. This pony hair leopard print and croc bag looks even better in real life.

 The Hermes Evelyne is such a practical bag thinking of getting one when I travel. 

 I'm lusting over this gorgeous Christian Louboutin Pigalli Flats. Unfortunately cant find my size as it's out of stock! *Sobs*


Monday, September 20, 2010

How to maintain your Makeup Brushes

Now after blogging about the best brushes, it's extremely crucial to learn how to take care of your brushes. 
Basically, a brush should be washed once a month with a special shampoo that would not cause any damage on the brush. There are some products that you can use to clean them weekly that wont damage your brushes as well.
Her are the products you need.
Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleaner

Other than the lousy packaging as a bottle with a pump would have worked better, this is one of the best brush cleanser I've used. It sure does deep cleanse.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo

  Believeyou me, this product works as good as any other product out there. Baby shampoo is mentioned in Bobbi Brown's book as the product to use to clean your brushes.
If you don't want to splurge on a blush cleanser this is the product for you.

Bobbi Brown Brush Cleansing Spray

I love this product. Now you can't fully depend on this product you still have to wash your brushes once a month. You can use this product weekly or between applications to clean your brush. I really like the fact that it drys fast doesn't damp your brush. It can be used on both natural and synthetic Brushes.
Spray on a tissue paper, then swipe the brush on the tissue to clean.

Blender Cleanser

I use the Blender Cleanser to obviously clean my Beauty Blender. Haven't found a product that works better.

Since I listed the product, I'll let you know the right way to wash your brushes. First, apply the shampoo on your palm, wet the brush (do not immerse the head of the brush in soap as the brush is glued to the base and it will come apart), then swirl the bristles on your palm until it's covered in soap. Rise with water repeat if necessary. I usually shampoo them twice. Then, squeeze out excess and reshape the brush head. Lay flat on the counter with the bristle hanging of the counter, so it can dry into a perfect shape.
Store your brushes in a bag or case. 

Make-up Tools and Brushes

It's pretty obvious by now that I'm a make-up addict. I'm always in search for the best products out there so I know a thing or two about the must have tools and brushes you need.

 The Body Shop's Eyelash Curler

I think every girl needs a great eyelash curler. It's essential to invest in a good one since a bad one can damage your eyelashes. This eyelash curler has a rubber grip which makes it easier to use.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush

 Ok, I know this brush is suppose to be a foundation brush, but I use it to apply my primer and oil control lotion blends them well.  
Hint: After applying your moisturizer or primer always pat your face gently with a tissue paper to remove excess oil.

Beauty Blender Sponge

I have posted about the Beauty Blender weeks ago. This is not just a sponge but a miracle multi-tasking sponge. I run the sponge under water, it doubles in size, squeeze the water out, and I'm ready to go. Trust me no brush or sponge can do what this miracle sponge does. I apply my foundation and concealer with it.
check out my Beauty Blender post for more info =)

Make Up Forever 6N concealer brush

 I actually rarely use this brush after I got the beauty blender. But I usually used this brush to apply my concealer and to cover blemishes and marks.

Mac Powder Puff

 I apply powder foundation with this powder puff. I pat it gently all round my face. I use this puff when I have dry patches. If you have an oily skin (like me) use the brush below.

Makeup Forever Kabuki Brush

This brush is so soft and applies powder smoothly, so gentle on the face.

Bobbi Brown Eye Blender brush

I actually use this brush to apply powder under my eyes. It's so fluffy and soft it's perfect. I actually bought it years ago, the make-up artist suggested this for applying powder under the eyes even though it's for blending. I find it to soft to blend with.

Mac Brush in 189

I use this brush for sculpting and contouring it works really well.  It is made out of synthetic fibers, which makes it easy to use. It can be used with liquid foundation as well, but i have never tried it with foundation.

Mac Brush in 169

I love this brush one of my favz. This is a large angled contour brush is amazing I actually use it for both applying Blusher and contouring. This is one of the must have brushes.

Mac 187 and 188 Duo Fiber Brush

OK every girls should have at least one of those brushes. These fiber brushes are amazing for blending. After apply foundation and powder use this brush to blend them in. More importantly, I use it after applying bronzer and blusher, as well as after contouring. it makes it look more natural.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

I got this around a month ago. I love this Blush brush. It's so soft, I use mac angled brush 169 to contour my cheeks and then use this brush to apply blush on the apple of my cheeks. 

Make Up Forever in 2s

 This is the best Gel liner Brush out there. I have tried so many brushes and this one is the best. You can control the length and thickness you want easily. So smooth and soft.

Mac 219 Pencil Brush

This Brush is amazing I use it to define my crease as well as applying shadow in the inner corner of my eyes. You actually can use it for so many other things.

Mac Brush in 217

I use this brush for blending the eyeshadow. What I do first apply the eyeshadow/s then use this brush to blend them in.

Mac Brush in 224

This Brush is actually for blending too. It's a bit stiffer and longer not as soft as 217.

Mac Brush in 239

 I apply shadow on my eyelids and brow bone using this brush.. Love it..

Mac 212 Flat Definer Brush 

This brush is amazing for defining the eye. If you don't want to apply eyeliner you can use a dark eyeshadow with this brush, instead of sweeping it on your lash line, press it on. It will make your lashes look darker and fuller.

Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush

I use this brush to contour my cheek bone, nose, and my cupid bow. There is a similar brush from Mac in 227.

Mac 318 Lip Brush

I love how this brush opens up. What I love about this brush, it can fit in your small make-up bag.

Mac Brush Roll

(My brush collection=D)
I loved the concept of this case and how I can lay this flat and see all my brushes. What I don't like about this bag is the lower slots get tight when you put your brushes in the first slot, so only small brushes can fit in the lower ones. Makeup Forever released a similar bag but with elastic holders instead of slots. It's not available here yet. Will get one when it is and i will blog about it and let you know what I think =)

I actually have so many Brushes I talked about the ones I use and benefit from the most. I think it's crucial to invest in good brushes, for they last longer and give you better results. Some of the brushes I mentioned I have had for years and they are still as good as new. Brushes will last long if you take good care of them.The best brushes I have used are from Mac, Bobbi Brown, makeup Forever and I have heard that The Body Shop has some good ones too. There are so many other brands with good brushes, but I prefer to by brushes from professional makeup brands. 
Hope my post helped and is a good guide to brushes =)

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