Friday, October 28, 2011

Scarred and Bruised!!

Once again, it's all make-up!!
I'm loving FX make-up and I enjoy doing it soo much. This is my second attempt this time going for something a bit more challenging.
I practiced on myself and my brother was kind enough to let me try it on him, since it didn't invovle anything girly!
This is fun for Halloween and I hope it was good enough to fool you.

Happy Halloween my Lovies xx

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Haifa Wehbe Burqaa and Corest!!

Haifa Wehbe recently attended the Nawa3em event in Lebanon. Haifa mentioned on her official twitter page, which was officially launched last week, the event had a "Khaliji" dress code!
After viewing what's "Khaliji" in Haifa's opinion, not only was I shocked, I was appalled by how low she keeps sinking! 
I have to admit she did tone it down quite a lot after getting married, let's face it no need to act like a slut after snatching a dimwit billionaire!!
But, come on there are limits to everything and this grandma should wake up and educate herself! 
I'm going to be very honest here, I listen to some of her songs, I used to find her very sexy, and I think she has a great sense of style (most of the time)! Do I agree with her lifestyle, no! But who are we to judge!
I didnt want to post about it at first, but I changed my mind and decided to put my point across because this really pissed me off!
A burqaa is used to cover up a women's face! Back in the days our ancestors used to wear them and the use of burqaas decreased over time. In Islam it's NOT mandatory for a lady to wear a Burqaa or cover up her face. A Burqaa is worn when a beautiful lady faces uncomfortable stares from the opposite sex and wants to prevent it, back when it was more of a male dominated world!
That said the Hijab is obligatory, but the women gets to choose when she wants to wear it, she shouldn't be forced into it.

Back to Haifa, the very "classy" so called singer sported the Burqaa with a corset and jeans!! Very cheap and offensive! I'm quite open and very liberal but that got on my nerves! Some people tweeted Haifa gone GaGa and she tweeted back "Never. Haifa gone Haifa. Who is Gaga?"
This actually made me literary LMFAO! WHO IS HAIFA!!! 
She sometimes comes across as nice and down to earth and at times she acts like there is no one in this world as creative and as beautiful as her! I once read a magazine interview in which she stated that Katy Perry saw a Picture of her wearing a Nicole Jebran gown (the Burqaa is also designed by him incse you're wondering) and Katy insisted on getting the same exact dress after seeing Haifa wearing it. She then sent the dress to Nicole who then sent it to Katy perry (So Katy actually wore the actual dress worn by haifa!) She also added that Katy Perry copied her by dying her hair black! that's the reason she changed her hair color to brown, which in my opinion makes her look even older!
She also added that Kim Kardashian has only one look and doesn't spice up her look like she does! HAHAHAAA..

I'm sorry Haifa you are way too old and NOT a world wide celebrity to even start trashing other celebrities simply because they don't even know you exist!

Btw it was stated that this is a traditional Emirati Burqaa. It's actually not even close to one, it looks more like an Egyptian Burqaa similar to the ones Ryaa w Skina used to sport back in the days!

Best Concealer Commercial EVER!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Dubai Experiance

If you follow Kim Kardashian on facebook or twitter you would all know that she was in Dubai for 4 days. I wanted to combine all the pictures in one post.
If you follow me on twitter you would know I had the opportunity of meeting Kim, she was the sweetest celebrity ever. I chatted with her briefly she was so sweet and kind. She was smiling the whole time she also said she loved my bag and my style which was one of the greatest compliments I got coming from one of my all time favorite style icons. She thanked me and my sister so much for coming, if this doesn't say humble then I don't know what!!
She looked stunning in real life, the thing I noticed though she had WAY too much make-up on than what we see on cameras! It almost looked cakey!! plus her face is way slimmer in real life. The only thing I'm really gutted about was not getting a chance to take a photograph next to her I only got her autograph! Boohoo!!

I have more respect for Kim Kardahsian now, the reason why I do is because she isn't like some celebrities who have this stereotype and make fun of Dubai or the Middle East in general, such as Paris Hilton! I was shocked when I saw Paris's interview on Jimmy Kimmel! Making fun of Burqa'as! What an uneducated slut!! I think the percentage of people in Dubai who wear Burqa'as is 15% and even if they did so what!!
Kim Kardashian did the total opposite she came to Dubai wore a Shaila and Abaya (traditional gown) and guess what a Burqaa! which I found quite funny to be honest! I know some stupid people took it offensively, but come on if anyone of us visits Japan we would love to try on their traditional clothes! Happens all the time and what Kim and her mom did was no exception!
She appreciated everything done for her and expressed her gratitude quite a lot.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner's Arrival
Kim and her Mom stayed at The Atlantis Hotel

With the team that works on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

First Day: Dinner at Nobu

One of my cousins happened to be at Nobu, she got a chance to snap a photo with Kim.
This L'Wren Scott  dress happens to be my favorite outfit Kim wore in Dubai.

Millions of Milkshake press Conference

Kim in a tan figure hugging dress paired with a vintage belt.
I tried Kim's milkshake a couple of days ago and I loved it. I'm not saying this because I'm a fan, but because I love strawberry and bananna shakes in general. Kim was hesitant on whether to do something with oreo or something more healthy. I'm glad she choose the more healthy version since I'm not really a fan of Oreo!


Kim and Kris wearing Naberman Abayas designed by local designer Hend Al Mutawa.

Millions of Milkshake Opening + Dubai Mall Catwalk

Kim in Alexander McQueen.

Kim and Kris wearing a Jalabiya/caftan (a modernized traditional Arabic gown)

Kim and Kris in Marena y Sol caftan
Christian Louboutin Dubai Mall

Sephora Meet and Greet

Kim in AbuDhabi Alhan restaurant

Some of the pictures I managed to take:

Kim wearing Alice+Olivia

Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing Lady Fozaza "Sheera" Blazer, how cool is that

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