Sunday, August 29, 2010

Celebs Plastic Surgery

Many Celebrities visit the plastic surgeon for some nips and tucks, some Botox and fillers whether they admit it or not.
I'm totally not against plastic surgery if done in moderation. I have to admit some celebs who got some work done achieved great results and look much better after. But it all falls apart the minute they get over excited and go overboard!!

Kim Kardashian
It's obvious that Kim had some work done on her face. Some say she had a nose job but I'm not really sure about that, but I'm 100% sure she had botox on her forehead, frown area and around her eyes and fillers in her cheeks i don't think she had cheek implants. Fillers is more like it!
Her ex Damon Thomas allegedly claimed he gave Kim money to have Plastic surgery. According to him he declared in an interview with intouch magazine that Kim had a boob job, and some lipo!

Lindsay Lohan a.k.a Druggie
 It's pretty obvious that Druggie had her lips plumped!

Nawal Alzoghbi
It's so sad what Nawal Alzoghbi did to herself. she had butchered her pretty face.
it's obvious that she's a plastic surgery addict. At one point she did look pretty but she had botched the good work done. Nawal had several nose jobs, fillers in her cheeks and lips, botox around her face., and much more.
Megan Fox
Megan Fox has had several procedure done to her face. It's obvious she had several nose jobs, 3 to be precise, fillers in her cheeks and lips, and some Botox.

Haifa Wehbe

 Haifa Wehbe is no virgin when it come to plastic surgery. As you can see she went through array of transformations over the years. Haifa had several nose jobs the latest was in 2010 where she lowered and enlarged the tip of her nose, what a shame since she looked much better before. She also has fillers in her cheeks, and lips some claim her ass and thighs as well as she wasn't as curvy as she is now! In addition she has Chin implants and several boob jobs, which she ended up reducing in 2010, guess no need for big boobs after bagging a filthy rich husband eh! She also had two of her distinctive moles removed..
I still find her sexy though, she is a trendsetter and I have to say i love her style.

Heidi Montag a.k.a Attention Whore
So it's pretty obvious that attention whore had so many surgical procedures. she had TEN procedures in one day in 2010. Before that she had several boob and nose jobs. 
The ten procedures included a nose job revision, mini brow lift, Botox, fat injected to her cheeks and lips, nasolabial folds, , chin reduction, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, a breast augmentation revision, liposuction on waist, hips and outer thighs and a buttock augmentation. 
No words can describe how horrendous the results are!  Attention whore wasn't pleased with the size of her breasts after the ten procedures as she wanted them even bigger, but recently she stated she wants a breast reduction!

Audrina Patridge
Audrina Patridge obviously had lip augmentation, Botox, and a Boob job.

Nancy Ajram
Nancy Ajram has had multiple nose jobs, cheek and lip fillers, boob job and Botox.

Ashley Simpson
 Ashley Simpson had a nose job.

Fergie had a nose job, breast augmentation, endoscopic forehead lift, Fillers in her cheeks and lips, and Botox injections. 
No No No No baby No No No No don't lie!

Holly Madison
 Holly Madison had a nose job, and lip augmentation.

Blake Lively
Queen S doesn't look like an upper east sider before her nose job!

There are so many more celebs who had some work done one way or the other, so check out part 2

please note: Most information mentioned are not 100% factual.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Céline Luggage Tote

We all sobbed after the infamous Phoebe Philo abruptly left Chloe, but the minute she joined Céline I've been waiting for a new IT bag after Chloe's notorious Paddington bag. Chloe actually never recovered after Phoebe left.
After viewing Céline's pre fall collection, and eying the Luggage tote, I was sold. Phoebe Philo did it again.  
Released in march the Luggage tote, which is available in four sizes, mini, small, medium and large, has been since the most sought after bag in the Fashion world and Hollywood. 
This is a must have bag. Price ranged between $1500-$1800 for leather and $2500 for the Leopard Pony Hair.

Mary-Kate carrying the Luggage tote in mini  
leighton Meester carrying the Luggage tote in small on the set of Gossip Girl

The Luggage Tote in Medium 

The Luggage tote in Large

The tote comes in different leathers and colors

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