Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lady Fozaza "Sassy" Blazer

I'm so excited about this post since I've been looking for edgy blazers for a while now. The search is over. 
Lady Fozaza is one of the two ladies behind the amazing Blog Fashion Gossip 10. She recently launched her fabulous and very edgy Blazers line. The amazing thing her blazers are available in limited amount which makes them even more especial. I fell in love with the line and I couldn't decide on which blazer to go for. I settled for the first blazer I laid eyes on lady fozaza's Blog before the line was launched, Sassy. I love the creative names of each blazer.  
The process of ordering and purchasing the blazer is a breeze. I emailed lady fozaza requesting the price of the blazers and  inquiring about the sizes. I instantly got a reply, very professional and sweet.
I got the Blazer Delivered 2 days later. I'm very happy with my purchase and it truly did exceed my expectations. I though like any blazer it might be a tad thick which will make it hard to wear in our hot weather. They are actually very light and can definitely be worn in summer. The fitting was perfect, I got mine in small. I was worried that it might not fit well since I'm quite petite so it's difficult to find blazers or jackets that fit properly, to be specific the sleeves always seem to be very long! These babes fit perfectly and are very casual. I'll definitely be ordering more.
Price: 1500 DHS.


The packaging is great.

For more information or to view the collection visit Lady Fozaza's Facebook page and Blog.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I've been Tagged

I was tagged by the Lovely Deema, she's such a sweet heart and I love her Blog. 

The rule of the tag is to basically write down five things you are grateful for. So there goes:
  1. I'm grateful for being a Muslim, for having faith in god. Without my strong faith I wouldn't be where I am now.
  2. I'm grateful for having the sweetest and best mother any girl could ask for. I love my mother to bits and I know she will always have my back no matter what.
  3. I'm grateful for having these three people in my life: My sister, and my 2 BFFs. I know I could tell them anything and I know they will always be there for me and would never judge me.
  4. I'm grateful for everything god has blessed me  with. I sometimes ask or wish for more but I know everyone gets what they deserve in life.
  5. I'm grateful for finding love, when it's so rare to find one now a days.
  Thank you so much Deema for the lovely tag.

Friday, September 23, 2011

MAC's Mac me over collection Review and Swatches

I know I haven't done swatches and reviews for a while now.. I have a couple of items lined up to review and others I'm still testing.
I was so excited when I first checked out the official information and photos of Mac's Mac me over collection. 
I got a couple of items, not much from the collection since I already had similar items or the same product purchased from previous collections.


 Prince Noir (Limited Edition)
This lipstick is actually darker than it appears.It's a deep burgundy color with red and purple hues. In real life it looks more purple than red. It's a tad too dark for me. In the picture the color looks lighter and better!
The lipstick has a matte finish, but not as matte as Ruby Woo.
I don't think I'd be using it since it's a tad dark for my liking.
Runway Red. (Limited Edition)
This lipstick is also darker in real life. I absolutely love this lipstick. It's a blue based dark red, in the picture it slightly gives a fuchsia hint which you don't see in person. 
This is my favorite lipstick from the collection,

Peachstock (Permanent at Mac Pro)
I got this lipstick last year from Mac pro. It's a medium nude lipstick with a hint of peach. On my skin tone it looks like I have concealer on, like most nude lipstick it's best paired with a pink lipgloss.

Rebel (permanent)
This lipstick in an old favorite of mine. It's a Purple/ Dark Fuchsia lipstick with a satin finish.

Left: Runway Red. Right: Prince Noir
Left: Peachstock Right: Rebel
Above Price Noir. Below: Runway Red.


Above: Moleskin. Bottom: Creamy Bisque
I bought 2 eyeshadows, and I love them both.
Moleskin: Is a nude caramel beige color. Very close to my skin tone (NC30). This eyeshadow has a matte finish.

Creamy Bisque: Is a creamy Ivory eyeshadow with a frost finish.
I love the texture of this eyeshadow. It's beautiful for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners.


Right: Mac 226. Left: Sigma Small Tapered Brush

I've been dying to get my hands on Mac's 226 brush for so long now. And I'm glad they finally decided to release it in one of their collections. 
This brush was sold out within couple of minutes when the collection was released in the UK website! I was gutted! I found a legit seller on amazon and didn't hesitate for a second to hit the buy now button.
The brush was not even released online in the US due to popular demand and limited stock!
I LOVE this brush, definitely my holy grail crease brush.

It's great for lining your crease and it blends amazingly. Even though the brush released in this collection is not as tapered as the ones released in the Blonde Brunette Red Head collection, It's definitely an easy brush to work with. This brush does not spread out color as much as the 224 since it's more tapered and It's great for highlighting the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.

As you can see I own the Sigma version of a small tapered brush. 
Comparing these two I prefer the Mac's even though it's not as tapered but it's much better at blending.
When it comes to Mac or Sigma Brushes I prefer Mac's to be honest. Mac has higher quality brushes and I believe it will last longer. 
I find Sigma's a tad mediocre in my opinion as a make-up artist! 
What I don't like about Sigma is you can order the same two brushes and you'll receive two different looking ones! This happened when I ordered two tapered brushes! and let me tell you this wasn't the last time this happened. I later found out I wasn't the only one who has faced this problem!
I can't deny the fact that for the price you pay you are getting amazing brushes so close to Mac's. I would totally recommend them for those who want a good set of brushes for personal use, nothing professional!
To me I'd rather invest in good brushes that will last longer.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Celebrity Contact Lenses

I'm a fan of contact lenses and I've been wearing them for years now. I tried soooooo many brands, I have my favorites, but I'm still searching.
I already knew that some celebrities are fans of contacts. Most arab starts are into contacts, but don't let Hollywood fool you there are sooo many lenses fans there too!! 
I'll be posting picture along with the contacts they have on, in case of no description that means I'm not sure what brand they have on.

Ali Lohan

Expression contact lenses in Green
Dura Soft

Amber Rose

Natural Eye Color

Special Effect White
Fresh Look Grey

Britney Spears

 Natural Eye Color
Um, er, contacts vs. natural

Freshlook  Azul
Freshlook Color blend in Green

Carole Smaha (Arab Singer)
 Natural Eye color

 Above and Below Freshlook Hazel

Darine Hadshiti (Arab Singer)

Natural Eye color

All of the above Freshlook Hazel
Waikon Grey
Waikon Hazel

Dominique Horani (Arab Singer)

Natural Eye Color
Freshlook Blue

All of the above Waikon Grey

Elisa (Arab Singer)

Natural Eye Color

All of the above Freshlook Hazel

Haifa Wehbe (Lebanese Singer)

both pictures natural eye color
Freshlook Azul
Freshlook Hazel

Both pitcure Freshlook Misty Grey

All of the above Waikon Grey
 Waikon Violetta
proof she wears lenses, for those non believers!
Jennifer Lopez

Above pictures Natural eye color

Grey Contacts

All of the above Freshlook Hazel

Green contacts

Jessica Alba

 Natural eye color
in Fantastic 4

Lady Gaga

Big round Anime inspired contact lenses

Lil Kim

Natural eye color
Elegance Baby Blue
Freshlook Hazel
Natural Touch Blue

Lindsay Lohan

Natural Eye color
Above: Natural Eye color. Below: Blue Contacts
Left: Natural Color. Right: Blue Contacts

All of the above pictures she has Blue contacts on.

Madeline Matar (Arab Singer)

Natural eye color

 All of the above Waikon Grey
Waikon Violetta

Mai Hariri (Arab Singer)

Waikon Grey

Miriam Fares (Arab Singer)

Natural eye color
 Freshlook Miel

Freshlook Grey
She's the spokes person of Freshlook lenses in the Middle East
Here's the Ads

Naomi Campbell

Natural eye color
Expression Miel
Expression Azul

Expression Blue

Nawal Alzoughbi (Arab Singer)

 Natural eye color

Both pictures: Freshlook Hazel
She is currently the face of Kuwaiti brand contact lenses Classy.
Here's the Ads:

Nicki Minaj

 Natural eye color

Paris Hilton

All above pictures: natural eye color

Dura Soft
Elegance Azul

Natural Touch Baby Blue

Rumer Willis

Natural Eye color

Freshlook Azul
Freshlook color Blend grey


Natural eye clor

Hope you enjoyed the post xx

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