Monday, June 28, 2010

Hermes Kelly Relax

I'm a Big Fan of Hermes. When it comes to bags i love classics and exotic leathers . I'm not a fan of funky bags or bags that have a lot going on.
The reason i like classic bags is I know that I'll be using them for years to come and I'll still be trendy. 
When it comes to Hermes, I love both Birkins and Kellys. The Birkin bag is more practical and considered a sporty functional bag. The Kelly, on the other hand, is sophisticated, classy bag. That's what i like about it. 
Hermes has reissued the Kelly with a style called "Relax". 
The Kelly Relax comes in only Veau Sikkim leather and in size 50cm only!
The handle is wide and longer than the normal Kelly so it can be worn on the shoulder a more practical way.
It comes in six colors Fauve, Ebene, Bisuit, Rouge H, Bleu Indigo and Noir. 

To be honest, I prefere the classic Kelly as it has this sophisticated, classic look which reminds me of Royalty. This on the other hand is just not my cup of tea! 
It has this slouchy look. Something that would look good on Mary-kate Olsen since that's what her style is lately!   

The kelly relax is a bit too relaxed for me!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Premiere

Eclipse is here, the wait is finally over. I have been waiting  for the sequel the minute New Moon ended. 
I Can't wait to go watch it. But, I'd have to wait. I hate going to the movies when it is extra crowded, and what makes it worst is some people just don't have manners! We came to watch the movie not listen to your lame discussions!

Anyways back to the premiere, a big movie premier means Red Carpet and Red Carpet means Fashion!
to be honest i didn't find anything interesting in this premier. Maybe because the anticipation i had made me expect more! Nothing was amusing (Except for Dakota Fanning's Louboutin's which I'm dying to get my hands on one)
So let's see who was a Hit or Miss...

 Robert Pattinson in Gucci (MISS)

Kristen Stewart in Ellie Saab (Miss)

Dakota Fannings in Ellie Saab and Christian Louboutin Shoes (Hit)

Ashley Greene in In Alexis Mabille Couture (Miss)

Anna Kendrick in Marchesa (Miss)

Bryce Dallas Howard in Christian Dior (Miss)

Elizabeth Reaser in Zuhair Murad and Christian Louboutin (Hit)

Taylor Lautner in Gucci (Hit)

Jackson Rathbone (Hit)

Kellan lutz in Dolce and Gabbana (Hit)

Nikki Reed in Marchesa (Miss)

 AnnaLynne Mc Cord in Nicole Miller (Hit)

Peter Facinelli with wife Jennie Garth (Hit)

I wasn't pleased with all my hits, but some were ok comparing to the others..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Haifa Wehbe

Whenever someone brings up Haifa Wehbe's name opinions vary, some are fans and, let's just say, some don't really like her!

Ever since i was young at the age of  7 or 8, i used to hear my mom and aunties talk about Haifa and how beautiful she was. At that time she was a model and not a lot of people knew who she really was. A lot of scandals are affiliated with her name. Her divorce, being detached from her daughter, she was also stripped from her Miss Lebanon title for breaking the rules by hiding the fact she was married and had a daughter. The most scandalous of all was the alleged sex tape! The rumors never stopped and i don't think they will anytime soon! 
She released her first CD in 2002. She didn't have the voice to sing, yet look at her now! People go crazy for her,  she is one of the richest Arab celebrities, and she is always in demand. 
At the beginning she choose to shock the world by mostly exposing herself to get the attention she wanted and that's what made her what she is today. I have to say even though she choose a cheap way to start her singing career, she transformed herself completely. The Haifa you see today is not like the Haifa you saw back in 2002. 

She transformed herself completely, to be honest whenever i see a magazine with Haifa's picture on i have to buy it, even though i don't quite read Arabic magazines. I love the ways she applies her make-up. It emphasizes her eyes and it's bold yet simple. Her fashion sense has changed a lot and i love her sense of style.

Haifa didn't just transform her career and style, she transformed herself. Part of the transformation was having plastic surgery. Now I'm not against plastic surgery in anyway, but i thinks she over did it. She was the prettiest when she released her third CD, Habibi ana. 
She had several nose jobs, boob jobs, fillers in her lips and cheeks, and Chin Implant.. and the list goes on! i don't care how many surgeries she had cause she is drop dead gorgeous! 
I love her eyes. The lenses she wears look natural and suits her quite well.
But lately she butchered he beautiful features,  Her real age is starting to show, though she keeps claiming that she is in her thirties! when it's obvious she is in her forties!, Haifa's nose was perfect and suited her really well.. i mean when i look at her nose i don't really like it but i don't think anyone can pull it off but her, suited her perfectly, she redid them in 2010 (check my Celebs plastic surgery post for more details). She removed one ofvher distinctive moles, noting moles have to always get check by doctors and some have to be removed for medical reasons. Haifa over did her cheeks. she claims that her face got bigger due to undergoing some cortisone treatment! I think it's a load of BS since it's obvious she had work done once again on her face (cheeks and nose as u can see in the pictures above). It's the same excuse Nawal Al Zoughbi had when she butchered her face! Haifa also reduced her cup size, she had all this work done before her wedding except for her nose, it's a shame since she didn't look good at all in her wedding! that's the reason her new photos are extremely photo-shoped to a point where it doesn't look normal! 
 Before removing the Mole:

After Removing the mole:
(pix from her birthday party march 2011)

(pix from MBC interview Absher Nov 2010)

 (Mothers Day concert 2011)
 June 2011 concert in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

(Wedding Pix)

 Couldn't they photo-shop her husbands Face! Just saying!

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