Monday, August 15, 2011

I've been tagged ☺♥

I’ve been tagged by the lovely :

– Available: maybe/maybe not!
– Age: 24
– Animals: own 2 cats, my bundles of joy, love them to death.

– Beer: Nope. Not interested!
– Best friends: My sister, and my high school bff Farah. 
– Body Part on opposite sex: nose! Don't ask me why!!
– Best feeling in the world:when u got nothing to worry about.
– Best weather: spring. Nice warm sun with a light breeze. 
– Been in Love: Yes
– Been on stage: Yes
– Believe in Magic: No. But David Blaine got me thinking!
– Believe in Santa: No.
– Brand: Hermes, my weakness.

– Candy: YUM. Anything will do 
– Color: Black/Pink
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla. But I do love chocolate =)
- Chinese/Indian/Italian: All
- Cake or pie: Cake
– Cheese: love it, but nothing smelly!!

– Day or Night:I'm a night owl
– Dancing in the rain: fun times

– Eyes: seductive
– Ever failed a class?: in uni. Fun times =p
– Enemies: kiss my ass =D
– Exercise: Wii fit =p that's as far as I'll go

– First thoughts waking up:I want to go back to bed =s
– Food: addiction. LOVE food, my guilty pleasure.

– Greatest Fear: SHARKS.
– Get along with your parents: Yes, and no. Love my mom to death.

– Hair Color: funny thing, had my hair dyed today. Ash Blonde. though looks like a light brunette!
– Happy: can be! but not yet!!
– Holiday: need one 

– Ice Cream: love it.

– Jewelry: orgasmic. addicted to it.
– Job: used to have one, but quit! I'd rather pursue what I love which is make-up.

– Kids: noisy!
– Kickboxing or karate: kickboxing, though I never tried it but would love to take classes.
– Keep a journal?:used to.

– Love: "True Love" makes hearts skip a beat.
– Laughed so hard you cried: I miss having such moments.

- Milk flavor:no thank you! hate milk!
– Movies:I'm not a movie person. But I have favorites =)
– Motion sickness: Yes =s hate it

– Number: 6

– One wish: wishing god to grant me what I've been wanting for years

– Perfect Pizza: Italian =p
– Pepsi/Coke: depends on my mood. lately Coke.
– Perfume/Cologne: Perfume. Chanel Coromandel.

– Quail: used to hate them when I was a kid! (the bird). the verb: Aquariums!

– Reason to cry: when I feel hopeless or depressed!
– Reality T.V: All fake! though, I have a list of shows I love to watch! =p
– Radio Station: They all suck. specially when I'm driving and I decide to flip through them!!

– Song: many, can't choose one
– Shoe size: 36-37
– Salad Dressing: caesar, avocado ranch, thousand Island
– Skinny dip:Would love to try it one day =p
– Strawberries/Blueberries:love them both. but strawberries more
– Sport: swimming
- Sex: With my other half.

– Tattoos?: yes
– Thunderstorms: annoying

– Unpredictable: can be  

– Vacation spot(s): UK, Thailand 

– Weakness: food, jewelry, bags, shoes, make-up... I have a problem!
– Who makes you laugh the most: my brother
– Worst Weather?: hot and humid   

– X-Rays: had a couple

-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: great for summer

Zoo animal: Tigers, Koalas

I now tag:  The Boudoir =)


Dale said...

I totally agree with you about reality shows, I have a list I watch too like Keeping up with the Kardashians! hehe. I hope you had a great weekend

Thank you so much for the recommendation and the tag..I really appreciate it


Chick Flick Journal said...

Thanks for replying to my tag xxx

I love emarati noses:p
Kiss my ass hahaha
Get along with your parent yes and no how?:P
Haha I like your weaknesses

MiMi said...

yw Dale, Hahahaa i totally agree that's what I meant when I said they are all fake, keeping up with the kardashians =p

Anytime chick flick =D thx for the tag..
I HATE emarati noses =s I dunno maybe I'll do a post about it =p
about my parents let's just say I love my mom =p

prettyinthedesert said...

Hey! Thanks for following the blog :) I get motion sickness, too. IT SUCKS!! :(

MiMi said...

Thnx for following back pretty =)
Oh I feel ya hun.. It sux =)

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