Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I love shopping for swimwear anytime a year, but specially in summer shopping for one is essential.
I usually order from Victoria's secret, but i was looking for something more sexy and new.
I recently came across a boutique that sells Beach Bunny swimwear, the Kardashians have a line of swimwear launched with them , which i didn't really like, anyways i fell in love with this brand. The swim line they have is sexy, fits well, and complements the body.
I bought a beautiful Gold snake print Bikini from the boutique, Kim kardashian was featured wearing it, and i ordered another White Bikini from the website since the Botique didn't carry my size. I wish i ordered both online since it is pricier in the store and i discovered the one i got was actually on sale on the website after buying it for more than double the price! on the other had it's actually better to try it on and see how it looks and what suits you most.
I also ordered a black ripped one piece from Victoria's Secret which is beautiful as well.

you can buy Beach bunny swim wear from Rodeo Drive Atlantis or Jumeirah Beach Hotel. or online (click on the link above)
Rodeo Drive: 04/3488220


Fatma said...

I love their bikinis as a matter of fact i almost buy all of bikinis from beach bunny =P

Swiftly said...

Designer swimsuit not only makes the wearer look stunning, but also it makes her feel special while at the beach or just having a nice tan..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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