Monday, June 28, 2010

Hermes Kelly Relax

I'm a Big Fan of Hermes. When it comes to bags i love classics and exotic leathers . I'm not a fan of funky bags or bags that have a lot going on.
The reason i like classic bags is I know that I'll be using them for years to come and I'll still be trendy. 
When it comes to Hermes, I love both Birkins and Kellys. The Birkin bag is more practical and considered a sporty functional bag. The Kelly, on the other hand, is sophisticated, classy bag. That's what i like about it. 
Hermes has reissued the Kelly with a style called "Relax". 
The Kelly Relax comes in only Veau Sikkim leather and in size 50cm only!
The handle is wide and longer than the normal Kelly so it can be worn on the shoulder a more practical way.
It comes in six colors Fauve, Ebene, Bisuit, Rouge H, Bleu Indigo and Noir. 

To be honest, I prefere the classic Kelly as it has this sophisticated, classic look which reminds me of Royalty. This on the other hand is just not my cup of tea! 
It has this slouchy look. Something that would look good on Mary-kate Olsen since that's what her style is lately!   

The kelly relax is a bit too relaxed for me!!

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