Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Verre By Gordon Ramsay

I'm a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay. I Love his shows, The F word, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef,.... In each show you can see a different side of him.
As a big fan, when i knew he had a restaurant in Dubai i was over the moon. So, I made a reservation and check it out.
Some people claim that Gordon Ramsay is overrated, from what i experianced they are just jealous.   
I'm a food lover. Always have and always will be. I have been to a lot of restaurants here in Dubai and I have to say this is by far the best I have been to. I've been going there for over a year and i never got bored of it.
When i rate a restaurant i don't just rate the food, but the whole experience.
The service is excellent, always attentive. The presentation, ambiance, and the food is absolutely spot on. All the elements complement each other.
At the beginning of 2010 the Restaurant went through a lot of changes. After being closed for over 3 months the restaurant reopened following a complete refurbishment,and a new chef in charge.

I have to say the new chef, Scott Price, is doing a superb job. I go to Verre even more now, it's actually a weekly retual, the new chef always comes over and says hello and would always make sure that we enjoyed our food and over all experience.
I always order the Foi Gras as a starter, it's absolutely addictive. For the main course I opt for the Halibut. And for dessert the Tart Tatin. I never was a fan of Tart Tatin but after trying this one i never looked back. 

I never left this restaurant disappointed and i would say in my opinion it's the best restaurant in Dubai. If this isn't fine dinning then i dont know what is.

04 212 7551

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