Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dammann Frères Tea

 I have to confess i'm a tea person. me and coffee don't really get along! The only thing I like about coffee is the smell of a fresh brew coffee. I mean i tried to like it but i just couldn't! If only it tasted as good as it smells!
Anyways, i'm a tea person by heart. I looove Green tea and white tea as well. 
I finally found a great store in Dubai devoted to tea and tea only. You'll be surprised by the type and variety of flavors available.
Institut Du Karite is located in Dubai Mall, the store is divided into two. One section is stocked with Dammann Frères Tea and the second part sell cosmetics.
Dammann Tea is a french brand, it can be traced back to 1962 when Louis XIV granted Monsieur Dammann the exclusive right to sell tea in France.
 Dammann Frères sources their tea leaves from all over the world, China, India, Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), Morocco, South Africa and Japan, to name only a few of the countries of origin.

Institut Du Karite is located in Dubai Mall, next to sisters +971 4 339 9316.
To order online and for more information visit Dammann Frères website.

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