Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chanel Temporary tattoos

Ever since I heard that Chanel was launching a line of temporary tattoos i was waiting for the day it hits stores and i had to get my hands on one. I got my first pack of Chanel tattoos almost 4 months ago, it still wasn't available here so a lot of people where asking about it and didn't know that Chanel did temporary tattoos! I really like it and I try to get creative with it. Almost everyone on my bbm list asked me where did i get it from.
After that i had to stock up so i got more from Europe. But i think they are available here now.
Each pack contains five sheets of tattoos.

1 comment:

Fatma said...

I looove it !!!!!! Amazing I am going to buy it !!!
My friend has one and it didnt look so good on her but when i saw ur hands i went woooo !!!! thats amazing !!!

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