Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebs Photoshopped

Every magazine features a perfectly airbrushed artist on a weekly basis! I wont say airbrushing is bad. It's nice to have a program where you can retouch certain things you are not happy with, but when they go overboard it looks fake and ugly! Not natural at all! On top of that you have some phoney celebs that claim they didn't have their pictures Photoshopped!  "I'm all natural!" Come on, who are you kidding! Do you think people are as stupid as you are to believe that load of BS!
Photo spreads in magazines and websites might make one feel not as good looking, or as pretty with flawless skin and toned perfect bodies like these celebrities and models since they all look perfect! Guess what some are far from being perfect it's scary! 
Here's picture of celebrities before and after airbrushing.

 Kourtney Kardashian twitted a picture of her stating People magazine over airbrushed her post pregnancy pictures!


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