Monday, May 2, 2011

Maison Sucre Review

I was always an admirer of Maison Sucre's work. The cakes always look amazing and they do such great art work. The shapes and colors, along with a variety of design choices.
I've seen them featured in the best blogs and magazines with raving comments and reviews.
My Birthday was on the 27th so what better place to order a stunning cake. My sister and friends placed the orders, I was planning on trying some of their cakes before ordering but didn't get a chance to do so, I wish I did before considering placing an order. 
The cakes looked amazing I have to say. Beautiful pieces. When it came to flavor my god, the worst cake I ever had. No exaggeration but both cakes where terrible! The Christian Louboutin was ordered in marble as the SA suggested it's the most  flavor ordered . The Hermes Boxes design came in Both Vanilla and Chocolate. (some boxes flavor in Vanilla and some in chocolate). The word terrible won't suffice! Somehow ruined my birthday!
The cake was not even close to moist, and the frosting tasted horrible!
 I have to say the prices are high, specially if a cake from any bakery would taste better. In addition, the size doesn't match the price a 1 1/2 kg cake price at 900DHS come on! If it tasted good I would be raving about it and would be glad to pay with a smile on my face!
It's a complete rip off. I'd rather I have a decent normal looking cake over any cake that looks amazing but tastes like a cardboard. It's such an overrated Bakery. It's a shame. because the art work they do is amazing and I've never seen anything like it in the U.A.E so far. If it tasted half decent i would've considered going back.
I'm even questioning these Bloggers and magazines that raved about Maison Sucre. If they received the same flavors I have, which I guess they did since the cakes come in Marble, Chocolate, and Vanilla only, then I know now how honest they are!

Would NOT recommend it and won't even go back!

 Art Work: 9/10
Taste: 1/10


Dale said...

Wow, these cakes are so COOl. I really like the top one. Nice post


AlReeM said...

haaaaaaaappy b-day dear! I didnt know it was ur b-day!
The cake looks amazing! hope all ur dreams come true this year xo ~

MiMi said...

Ty Dale.. I agree they look amaze but taste horrible =s
Tysm AlReem means A LOT to me <3

Anonymous said...

You think those design cakes look artistic? Im sure you havent been to blossom sweets in AbuDhabi. It defines ART! in both designs and taste! Check out their website
It is a new venture that just opened in AbuDhabi recently, you cant go wrong with them ;)

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