Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mac Haul: Quite Cute collection + Prep + Prime Highlighter Swatches and Review

I was so excited about this collection I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Mac's previews collections where disappointing to be honest, nothing I would recommend getting. 

This collection on the other hand is amazing. 

 Quite Cute Mineralize Blush

The outer circle on Giggly is a shade of a soft Bubblegum pink. When combined the purple heart gives it a more intense color. The more you apply the purple shade the darker it gets. It has a shimmery frosty finish which I like, It gives this sultry glow effect.

 Miss Behave's outer circle has a peachy beige color. When combined with the blue heart turns out into a nice shade but can go slightly pale I have to say. It works somehow work as a highlighter. But you have to keep an eye when using it as it can give a pale finish, which can look unflattering at times.


Moving on to lipsticks & Lip Pencils:
Candy Yum-Yum: This is my favorite item from this collection. Candy Yum-Yum has a matte finish, one of the reasons I love it so much. It's a  perfect neon bright pink with blue undertones. I'll definitely be stocking up.
Quite Cute: pale lavender with a glossy finish. Even though it has a cremesheen finish I feel like it's glossier than the others. My sister actually got this lipstick (for fun), you wont catch me dead in this shade as I have warm undertones and such shades don't suit my complexion. If you have cool undertones this lipstick would probably suit you. My personal opinion I don't really like it!
Playing Koi  a creamy white peach. I like this lipstick, It can make you look pale at times so it's best to pair it with a gloss. But I still like this lipstick.
In Synch: (lip Pencil) Has a Peachy pink tone. I'm not a lip pencil person, I don't use them a lot. The only lip pencil I sometimes use is spice when I choose to apply nude lipstick. But when I saw the shade of this lip pencil I thought of trying it out. I really like it. It actually works well with Playing Koi. It would work out with Pink/Nude lipsticks.
Primed To perfection Prep+Prime Highlighter 

Radiant Rose: Light Pink tone. Works well with people who have cool undertones. This shade is used by my sister which has a fair skin.
Light Boost: Light Yellow cream. That's the shade I use. At first I thought it might be light for me. But when used It look great. As I have deep dark circles This product wont suffice on it's own. I first applied my corrector then concealer, covered my dark circles and the last step I usually do is apply a cream liquid concealer a shade lighter to give that light flawless look Kim Kardashian sports all the time. So, I swapped my Missha concealer, which i love, with this one. I have to say I really like it It's creamy, does cover slightly and gave me the brightness I wanted. It you don't have dark circles I think you would like this product, as it doesn't quite conceal on it's own. 
Bright Forecast: Peachy Coral tone. After viewing swatches online I bought this shade as I wasn't sure which to get when placing my order. It turned out to be really dark!

Pre+Prime Highlighter is a new permanent addition to the Prep+Prime collection.

Set to release May 20 in Dubai


Jilar said...

Hi , thnx for the swacthes !!
do you know when is the relasing date for quite cute collection?

MiMi said...

Hi Jilar.. thx for your comment.
The collection is out in the US and UK.
It'll be available on 20 May in Dubai. =)

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