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Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics (swatches)

Bassam Fattouh is one of the most renowned make-up artists in the middle east. He started off at a young age and his talent shined even though the spot light was filled with competing artists. Now after many years of being the most sought after make-up artist with so many celebrity clienteles under his belt, Haifa Wehbe, Najwa Karam, and Elisa to name a few, he launched his own cosmetics line.
The line consists an array of products, but there are not to many choices/shades to choose from. Some how he covers the basics.

Since he's such a successful make-up artist and as an admirer of his work, I was so excited about his line and wanted to check it out straight away.
Unfortunately, his line is not available in Dubai yet. 
So far, the line is available in Kuwait, and I'm not sure if it has opened in Qatar yet.
I had someone get me some items from Va Va Voom Kuwait. I didn't get to see the items before purchasing. Some items where out of stock, so I got my hands on most items available.

I'll start of with the lipsticks. Available in 6 shades:
  • Haifa’s lips
  • N7ass
  • Rouge Q8
  • True beige
  • Baby doll
  • Fushia

I got 4 out of 6 shades. I personally like my lipsticks matte. I have to say the lipsticks have a great finish. They are not too matte nor creamy somehow close to Mac's Satin finish. My favorite would be Haifa's lips. Bassam Fattouh is so close to Haifa Wehbe, referring to her as his Muse. Quite honestly it's because of her, along with his talent of course, that he got this famous, since his makeup looks the best on her. He stated in an interview that one of the many questions he gets asked is what lipstick do you apply on Haifa. Haifa would rarely change her lipstick. You would always find her sporting a nude/rosy natural shade, looks like she has no lipstick on!
My first impression on the lipsticks was not quite good. I hated the colors they looked so dark and dull. Haifa's lips looked too dark for my liking, surprisingly it looked great on. It's definitely on my favorite list. I still didn't try the other lipsticks but testing them out under lighting they look good. One lipstick I somehow don't think would suit me is True Beige, yet again I might end up liking it.
I still didn't test the lip gloss And since I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss I just got one shade which is Haifa's lips to pair it up with the lipstick.
Lipgloss comes in  6 shades:
  • Moonlight
  • Dehabe
  • Demi rouge
  • Rouge Q8
  • Haifa’s lips
  • Baby doll

 Fushia (as spelled on the product itself)
 Baby Doll
 Haifa's Lips
 True Beige

 Product Rating:  
Texture: 9/10 
Color Variety: 6/10

Moving to Foundation. There is only one type of foundation which is the Two way Cake foundation. Now I'm not even close to being a fan of cake foundation wet or dry! I was surprised because I expected it to be thick in texture., It actually was quite the opposite, close to Revlon Colorstay powder and Mac Mineralize skin finish. I still didn't try it wet, might test it out one day.
comes in 4 shades:
  • S3
  • S4
  • S6
  • P3
I was lucky enough to get a matching tone. My sister got the lightest since she's on the fair side and the SA suggested that tone. The lightest shade was still dark on her. The thing is about Bassam Fattouh's line is there isn't enough shades and tones offered, mostly his shades are dark, which is quit surprising as he works with celebrities with fair skin tones!
I use the S4 and my sister got the P3. Another remark, there is no description provided which makes it even harder to choose the correct tone. 

 nothing wrong with the mirror just the flash =)

Product Rating: 7/10
Moving to blushers. Unfortunately most shades where out of stock so I got just one. I got the Pink Bronze. The texture of the blush is amazing and it's pigmented, not close to being sheer so a little amount would suffice. It's shimmery gives a nice glow, but yet again it's on the dark side. Was too dark on my sis. But I Really Liked it.
Comes in 3 shade:
  • Pink Bronze
  • Just a glow
  • Bonne mine

Product Rating: 8/10

Another amazing product would be the My Way Pearlizer. It's a loose shimmery glitter. Can be used as a Highlighter and any desired place for a dramatic finish. This is one of the products I love as well. Comes in one shade only.

Product Rating: 7/10

Up next is the Eye Pencil. This eye pencil is pitch black. It has a creamy finish, not as creamy as Stila's. It has a great color and works pretty well. I love the fact that's so dark and it stays for quit some time on. I use it to line my waterline, since it's creamy it's a tad difficult to line my eyes with, I prefer to use a liquid eyeliner. I personally didn't face any smudging, but my sister did.

 For some reason the color is not clear in the picture and It doesn't show how black it is. It looks dark green in the picture. But trust me it's very dark.

Product Rating: 8.5/10

Concealer. It's a creamy wet concealer, that claims to cover dark circles which also is buildable!
This product is the worst! It's too dark more like a corrector doesn't cover and it's not buildable! It's a one shade fits all which is ridiculous since it's too dark. Concealers are suppose to be slightly lighter to give a light glowy effect!

Product Rating: 4/10

Moving to Blacklight. Blacklight is basically an eliminator. The SA referred to it as base! It actually states that you can use it as a base! I decided to give it a shot, ended up washing my face and reapply my foundation! My sister had applied it as a base didn't have the same results as I did. Maybe it's because I got excited and applied a little too much. I got it in two shades Bride's way and Legally Bronze which is too dark! 
The product has a nice texture and it last long as well as it's pigmented so a little goes a long way.
I didn't quite like it to be honest. It looks fake on! Eliminators are suppose to give u that natural glow and this give u a fake one!

Product Rating: 6/10

Over all, regardless of the lack in variety of shades and colors, which I'm sure might take time to launch as the collection is still new and covers the basics, It's a really good collection and he did a great job in it. I hope he keeps the good products coming and wish to see more shades and varieties. Hope he goes lighter on the shades!
The packaging is  practical clean and polished. Some people where complaining that the prices are some what high, I have to say they are worth the price since the products deliver and are high in quality.

Over All Product rating: 7/10


the boudoir. said...

my favorite is haifa lipstick and lipgloss! they always go out of stock

MiMi said...

I love Haifa's lips it may seem slightly dark but looks amazing on ♥ =)

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much for this review! I've been looking all over for a good review, sadly his products are not available in America. Maybe one day his site will be up! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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Did you make this amazing site yourself? Please reply back as I'm wanting to create my own personal site and would like to find out where you got this from or what the theme is called. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Im using Haifa's Lips and I love it sooo much! Now its running out and I dont know where to buy one. Please let me know where or what site I can buy one. Thanks! :)

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