Monday, June 27, 2011

Fab Make-up Finds + Swatches

I went Make-up shopping yesterday, and As always I go crazy and end up buying loads and loads of stuff... It's either I end up with amazing products or er, not!! Since, Mac was releasing it's Surf Baby Collection on Thursday I passed by the store and it turned out all the items I was eying ended up being sold out 3 hours after launching!! Make-up Hungry eh!! Since I'm a regular costumer the SA was kind enough to help me out and I found the pieces I want in other branches.. "Hallelujah" 

Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Bronzer

Okay. Ever since eying this product I was one of the many people anticipating the launch of this product! Now after purchasing it do i like it? NO.. This product is an eye candy, looks good and that's it. The print layer which fades away after maybe 2 sweeps is way too dark and looks like dark shadow! Not flattering, The lower part is simply a bronzer, and a sheer one! I don't like this product and I sure do regret buying it!!
Price: 290 DHS
Overall: 4/10

MAC Miniralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle and Gold Deposit

These two shades are the latest from the miniralize collection. My favorite has to be the Soft and Gentle, I kind of regret getting Gold Deposit since it's too dark and orangy for me! These products are great since they are highly pigmented and seriously a little goes along way, which makes them last forever.
Price: -
Overall: 8/10

 MAC Surf Baby Collection

 My Paradise blusher
I bought the ahhmazing hard to find blusher, this has sold out everywhere! It's a really great product. It will last for a long time since it bigger than regular blushers. It is quite pigmented too, but the gold layer fades away after a couple of applications, not as fast as the D&G Animalier which faded away after barely two applications!! 
Price: -
Overall: 9/10

I love this bronzer, I actually use it for contouring. It's not too pigmented nor sheer can be used both way all over or for contouring. 
Overall: 9/10
One more Item I got from the Surf Baby collection is the Hibiscus. I combined all the lipsticks I got recently together. Swatches below.


Swatches from above: Dolce and Gabbana Delicious, Dolce and Gabbana Cosmopolitan, Estee Lauder Coral Fantasy, MAC Hibiscus, Tom Ford True Coral, Tom Ford Pink Dusk.
Obviously, I'm so into coral and went crazy and got several shades to try out. I'm in love with Tom Fords lipsticks, the quality is amazing I expect it to be since they are much more expensive comparing to other cosmetics. I'm looking forward to check out the rest of his cosmetics and skin care line set to release at the beginning of next here,as informed by the SA! My favorite has to be the Estee Lauder in Coral Fantasy.

Make up Forever Aqua Liner

The fact that this eyeliner is water proof is intriguing. I find the brush hard to work with, I recently got the turqious and the bright green. (swatches coming soon)
Price: 78 DHS
Overall: 7/10


Anonymous said...

great products! i especially love the cheetah shadow! thanks for visiting my blog, following too!

amy leah
the coquetiquette

MiMi said...

Thanks for following hun, glad you loved the stuff xoxo

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