Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lipstick Fever

Me and my sister absolutely love make-up and we experiment a lot. I actually get so many great tips from my sis <3.  I love Kim K's make-up style.. She always has the best make-up on and uses so many great products.
Me and My sis have different complexions, I have an Olive complexion where my sister is on the white fair side , I'll be posting about our fav products and what really works.
This post will be dedicated to Lipsticks.

Let's start with Nude Lipsticks.

 Kim K has always sported a perfect nude lip. I believe it's her signature look. I actually got a lot of tips from her.
Nars lip Gloss in Turkish Delight. 
This is the best lip Gloss if you want to achieve the perfect nude lip.
It goes with most, if not all, my nude lipsticks, even the ones that don't look good add a layer and it'll turn the whole look around. To die. This is a must have item. Kim K uses this on most if not all her nude lipsticks.
Mac Lipstick in Modesty. This is the first Nude shade I got. I fell in love with it. Just add a layer of  Turkish Delight and you are ready to go.

Nars Belle De Jour.
My sister loves this, Kim K uses this quit often. Just add a coat of Turkish delight on top.

In this pic, Kim has Belle De jour on with a layer of Turkish Delight.

Mac Lipstick in Ravishing and Mac Lipglass in Florabundance.
The lipstick is actually is on the orange side but pairing it with this lipglass gives a nude result. 

Her's kim wearing Ravishing with a coat of Floorabundance on top.

 Mac Lipstick in Please me.
This is a favorite of both me and my sister. It's a muted rosy tinted pink. 
It's more on the matt side, you can add a layer of Turkish delight or wear matt as it is. 

Let's Move on to Sultry Reds.

 Mac Lipstick in Russian Red. 
It's an intense bluish Red with a matt finish 

Russian Red is a favorite of Dita Von Teese, she loves the matt finish.
Kim K awlays wears this shade when she is in a red lipstick mood.
Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani are big fans too.

Mac Lipstick in Mac Red.
This is my Favorite shade of red. It's so close to Russian Red but not matt. It's a vivid bright bluish red with a satin finish 

Moving to the Pink shades.

Nars Lipstick in Schiap.
I love this shade of pink, It's a favorite to both me and my sister. It's a strong bright pink, I usually pat it on my lips or tone it down with a tissue napkin.

Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kim K, Maggie Gyllenhaal, are all sporting Nars Schiap.

Mac Lipstick in Girl about town. This is a favorite to both me and my sister.

Beyonce and Ashley Greene are fans of Mac Girl About Town.

you can find swatches here


Princess said...

luv luv luv this post! MAC makes the BEST lipsticks! <3 <3

Her Royal Highness said...

Thx Princess, I'm really glad you like it <3 =D
I love Mac and Nars Make-up a lot, they have amazing products..

AlReem said...

i love mac red and girl about town! would love to try the nars one too! great post!

Her Royal Highness said...

Thx AlReem for the lovely comment <3 <3 <3
I love Mac's lipsticks, Nars has some good ones too. They are both amazing and both carry great products..
I'm Glad you enjoyed the post =D

Anonymous said...

wowww i lov it very good post i salute you . u very good taste .. wooo great ! kim kardashian is my angel i love her to mach

mélia said...

j'adore les rouges a lèvre au teint nacré

Her Royal Highness said...

J'adore le rouge à lèvres trop si sexy mélia =)

Anonymous said...

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