Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lipstick Crazy (swatches)

I haven't blogged for a while now for I was sick. I hope this post makes it up =) Enjoy..
I love lipstick. Mac is my fav brand, Every time I'm there I go crazy, I can't help it =)
I'm going to post swatches of Nudes, pinks, orange/peach, reds, and (Burgundy/plums) Darks I'm going to call them, which are so in this season.

Let's start off with Nudes:

 From the left: Half and Half, Innocence Beware! (villain collection), Myth, Peach Stock, Creme D' Nude, Honey Love, Shy Girl, Kinda Sexy, Velvet Teddy, Modesty, Cosmo.

Nude lipsticks are the best when you're going for a smokey look. It completes it by adding drama.
I, most of the times, pair my nudes with lip glosses as some may be too matte and might give you a pale look or even looks as if u have foundation on your lips =p  (glosses are posted after lipsticks)

I divided Pinks in to two categories, Pink/nude and the strong Pinks:

From the left: Up the Amp, Captive, Creme Cup, Pl!nk, Chatter Box, Speed Dial, Please Me, Of Royalty, Viva Glam Gaga.

From the left: Lustering, Girl About Town, Lickable, Impassioned, Nars Schiap. 

Pinks are must have for every girl trying to achieve a sultry and flirty look, from Light pinks to Fuchsia any will suffice to achieve such a look.


From the left: Morange, lady Danger, Toxic Tale (Venomous Villains collection), CB96AA5 (no longer available), Vegas Volt, Jazzed, Ravishing.

I love Orange and peach lipsticks. My favorites are Vegas Volt, Jazzed, and Ravishing. Must haves.


From the left: Chanel Allure passion 14, Viva glam Cyndi,, Heartless (Venomous Villains collection), Port Red, Mac Red, Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Dubonnet, Viva Glam 1 A88.

From the left: Nars Scarlet Empress, Rebel, Dark Side, Hang up, Media, Kittinish (Feline Collection), Cunning (Feline Collection), Cyber.

Forgot to add this with the rest. Dark Deed (Venomous Villain Collection)
 If you want Drama, Red lipstick is the thing you are looking for. Red lipstick, if applied right and at the right place, can look sophisticated and sexy. Always go light on the eyes when applying red lipstick, I know it's something well known and common but I still see girls with clown-ish make-up! 
Darks are my favorite lately. It's the color of the season. Darks and Burgundy's have been all other major runways.  Media is one of my utmost Favz, magnificent color. Dark side, Dark Deed, Rebel, and hang up are one of my favz too.. Must haves =)

Mixing Lipglosses/Lipstickes.

Adding Lip gloss to any Lipstick can instantly boost up the look and make it more dramatic and fun! 
I mixed several favz of mine and you can create your own looks by doing the same..

 Turkish delight is one of the must have lip glosses. Apply it over any nude lipstick and i'm sure you'll love the results. This lipgloss is one of Kim Kardashian's Fav lipglosses.

This Lip glosses is Amazing I LOVE it. Pair it with any Nude lipstick and it will sex it up, I'm telling ya =p. Sadly, it's no longer available in stores as it came with the Fabulous Feline collection. You can find some left at Mac stores or at the goodbye section in the website. I found some and stocked up from Dubai Mall.

This Lip gloss came with the Fabulous Feline collection as well. Best of Breed along with Jealous are must haves. At first when I got them I didn't know that a green and blue lip gloss would look THAT good. after trying them and pairing them right I absolutely love them. Pair Best of breed with any matt pink lipstick they go amazing together.

 I haven't tried this combination before, but I found it interesting enough to share.

 My sister loves this combination and I do too. They look startling together =)

 This is one of my favorite combination. I never wear Ravishing, the lipstick, without pairing it with Florabundance. Amaz.

A selection of some lip glosses I own. I choose the best and the purchase worthy ones. Sadly not all are available. 

I have to say the colors may not look as good as they do in real life, due to the quality of the picture. I do apologies for that. I am purchasing a professional camera soon so I can post higher quality pix.  
Due to that reason, I do advice you to try those color in stores as i posted the best of the colors I have, The ones I like and use the most.

Hope you enjoyed the post and should you require further information about the products, don't hesitate to leave me a comment =)


Fatma said...

wow amazing post !! love ur blog !!

F said...

I love your blog mimi keep it up !!

Her Royal Highness said...

Thx F and Fatma, I'm really glad you enjoyed the post =D <3 <3 <3

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