Saturday, August 28, 2010

Céline Luggage Tote

We all sobbed after the infamous Phoebe Philo abruptly left Chloe, but the minute she joined Céline I've been waiting for a new IT bag after Chloe's notorious Paddington bag. Chloe actually never recovered after Phoebe left.
After viewing Céline's pre fall collection, and eying the Luggage tote, I was sold. Phoebe Philo did it again.  
Released in march the Luggage tote, which is available in four sizes, mini, small, medium and large, has been since the most sought after bag in the Fashion world and Hollywood. 
This is a must have bag. Price ranged between $1500-$1800 for leather and $2500 for the Leopard Pony Hair.

Mary-Kate carrying the Luggage tote in mini  
leighton Meester carrying the Luggage tote in small on the set of Gossip Girl

The Luggage Tote in Medium 

The Luggage tote in Large

The tote comes in different leathers and colors


Anonymous said...

Wow your comments sound almost exactly like someone else's blog...

Her Royal Highness said...

Hi, thx for the comment.
I never and won't ever copy or STEAL from other websites since I wouldn't like it if someone did it to me.
I'm pretty sure that, myself and other bloggers, would sound somehow the same if we share the same topic, since the info and conclusion would be the same.

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