Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Favorite Mascaras at the moment (Dior+Armani)

I love my mascaras and I'm all about the eyes. I always like my lashes long and thick and it's hard to find such mascaras, without clumping or smudging.
I'm currently in love with two mascaras. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill and DiorShow 360 Mascara.

I'll start off with Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill. I really can't get enough on how amazing this mascara is. I absolutely love it and I don't even need to apply as many coats as I used to to get the desired effect. It's light in weight and gives you this amazing length. Absolutely divine.. 
I didn't have any smudging problem with it and what i really love about it is how weightless it can be. Even though I wear around 2/3 coats.
I absolutely recommend this mascara and would totally purchase it again.

Moving to DiorShow 360 Mascara. When I first heard about this new of it's kind mascara, I was so excited to try it out. When I was on vacation in Thailand this mascara was already currently released. I got so excited, had to get one straight away.
I like this mascara a lot. I have to say it can be tricky and might smudge while applying it, but over all it's a great mascara. 
Some might think that because it rotates it does all the work which would be easier to use. Reality is it can be trickier and harder to use, but once u get a hold of it then it is a great mascara.
I usually use a coat or two from this mascara to give my lashes volume then use another coat or sometimes two coats from Armani's eyes to kill to add length.
The only down side is it doesn't give a lot of length just volume and thickness and it tends to get clumpy somehow.

Overall i would rate these products:
Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill: 9/10
DiorShow 360 Mascara: 7/10

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AlReeM said...

The Gorgio Armani one seems so interesting! I can tell by only looking at the wand that it gives tons of volume! Thanks for reviewing this, its on my list for sure!!

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