Monday, January 3, 2011

Foundation 101

One thing I wanted to add about foundations. Some people have a wrong impression and a certain stereotype when it comes to foundations, liquid to be precise. Some think that they don't need using foundations or prefer to go "au naturale" thinking that foundations would give them a heavy look or even cakey. That's completely untrue, if you choose the right foundation and the right shade then all these assumptions and views are utterly untrue. It's actually naive, when some would say oh i don't need foundation I have a beautiful skin I don't need to cover it. To be honest there are specific times when you can go au naturale, but having the right foundation for you and the shade that suits you is essential.  
I hate such stereotypes that some people choose to stick with when it comes to such things. A foundation is suppose to bring out your natural beauty and cover certain flows, not change your skin tone! I see so many foundation faux pas here, girls choose to go waaaay lighter than there skin tones, and i'm talking 4-5 shades lighter! why!! whats so beautiful in having a grey tone, not white GREY! some are way too heavy and cakey that they have white faces, but the rest of there body's olive/tan! 
It took me ages to find my right shade, it's not an easy task, it takes time.. 
A simple tip that will make choosing the right tone is knowing whether you have a warm (yellow) or cool (pink) complexion. I have a yellow complexion, girls here rarely have a pink complexion. You can know yours by checking your veins if they are blueish then you have a cool complexion. If they tend to be more greenish that means you have a warm complexion. Always go for a shade lighter, just one shade or slightly less, since foundations tend to go slightly darker when they set, but not all foundations go darker, keep that in mind.
Another foundation Faux Pas, is people think that going for a pink tone foundation would give you a rosey complexion. This is beyond wrong since using a pink foundation on a yellow complexion would give you more of a greyish complexion and would actually make you look more pale and anything but natural..

I hope my tips help you out and I will be posting more tips and tricks on how to choose the right shade of foundation and more soon..

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