Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Glow

I've always wanted to have a nice golden tan, since I have an Olive completion, I wanted something to add a light golden glow. I hate it when girl over do it. Specially now a days you see a lot of girls walking in the mall all orange or dark brown with a flashy, eye blinding lipsticks, and poofy light chestnut or dark blonde dyed hair! Hello, do you have a mirror??? How did someone allow you to leave the house looking like that! Haven't you heard of something called a fashion faux pas, and no it doesn't mean you look like Kim K! 

Not a look you want to have Sorry Katie, I like you but not your looks =s

 Moving on, for years i have tried a lot of products to achieve a light sun kissed glow. Recommended by many that it's the best, I tried the Saint Tropez spray tan and i hated it. 
Most products are either more on the brown or orange side. I have finally found some amazing products that work on people with an olive completion. My sister has a fair white complection and some products worked on her too. It actually depends from one person to the other and the look you are aiming for.. 

Rodial  instant glow self tan gel is the best tanning product I have used. It gives you a light golden, sun kissed tone. 
Rodail self tan gel is sold at Boutique 1.

Guerlain Terracotta Teint D' Allures Tinted moisturizer in no.2. What i do is i used i used a light layer of my regular foundation, then apply this product on top. What the foundation will do is give you coverage and when you apply the tinted moisturizer it will even out your skin. Don't go over bored with this product as it is slightly on the orangy side.

 Guerlain Terracotta Poudre Bronzante 00 make-up artist. before using this product i apply powder foundation, a shade darker from the one I use, just to settle the foundation.  I then use this product, on my t zone, chin, above my upper lip, and slightly on the nose and cheeks.
I love this Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush. It's easy and perfect for distributing and blending.
Before applying any powder make-up on, tap the brush gently to remove any excess powder.

Mac Blusher in Sunbasque. I love this blusher. I find Mac and Nars blushers mostly to be the best. I apply this blusher on the apple of my cheeks and i use it for contouring as well.
You can also try NARS blusher in Orgasm, one of my favorites. 

Mac To the Beach collection Luster drops, in sun rush. I absolutely love love love this product. This is what puts together this whole sun kissed look. It gives a beautiful subtle glow sexy look. After applying the blusher apply this product on your ring finger and tap it gently on the apple of your cheeks and move upwards toward the eyebrows. I also apply some on my nose. 
This product is not available now, you can still order it from Mac's UK website, but it will be discontinued soon. 
An alternative for this product would be Mac powder blush in Honour .

Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick. Above pic in Apricot (discontinued). Below pic in Nectar (New).
I love all Bobbi Brown's shimmer bricks. I use the apricot as an eye shadow and a highlighter too (another alternative for the luster drops). After applying the luster drops I apply a light amount of the shimmer brick as an eyeshadow and above my upper lip and below my lower lip, and a bit on my forehead. What I like about this shade it's very light and barely shows. 
I read great reviews about Nectar, and can't wait to get one. It's not available in Dubai yet but you can order it online

Beach shimmer Brick is another Shimmer Brick that i can't wait to get my hands on, It's not yet available in Dubai, but you can order it online.

Some might say that it's a bit too much make-up to have on. But surprisingly it gives you a nice natural glow. It actually depends on the amount of make-up you put on. I don't over do it, I like my make-up nice, clean and simple. 

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Anonymous said...

what is the point in putting a tan on the face when it's summer and you'd need to tan all the body. that's also a nightmare for everybobody who touches you...

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