Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Celebs Closets

Every fashionista would agree, closets are our temple! 
Sadly, I hate my closet, not the items in it, but the closet itself! It's tiny and I barely have space to keep all my items! It's not my fault I have so many items! My closet needs an extreme makeover. *sobs* =(
Searching for the perfect closet is hard, but some celebs closets make u drool and die from envy =(

Carrie Bradshow


Paris Hilton


 "That's Hot"

Nicky Hilton

Nichole Richie


Eva Longoria Parker

Eva has around 50 pairs of jeans.
Jessica Alba

regardless of how many pairs of shoes she has, I find her closet boring! 

Rachel Zoe


Christina Aguilera

Christina has her own hairdressing salon

Paula Abdol

Isn't it annoying when you see some celebs closets full of stuff yet they are mostly, if not always on the worst dressed list! (Hint above pic! =s) Sorry Paula! 

Mariah Carey

Kimora Lee Simmons

I love Kimora Lee Simmons.. I just love her Closet more. To die..

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