Thursday, March 22, 2012

MAC Scarlet Ibis Swatches

I know this post is way over due, I was suppose to post this around 2 months ago! I just got busy plus I couldn't find Pink pigeon lipstick anywhere, it wasn't even released in Dubai and it's the must have item from the entire collection. When I was in Thailand it was literary sold out in every MAC branch i paid a visit! I finally found one available on amazon, yay! So her goes..

 Flamingo: A pink with a hint of coral with a luster finish that has a semi opaque coverage. One of my favorites from the entire collection, even though I don't like glossy lipsticks this for some reason works for me. It also suits most skin tones, I used it on several clients and they all loved it.

Pink Pigeon: A bright, a bit on the neon side, magenta pink with a matte finish. This lipstick reminds me of candy yum yum in terms of brightness and the bold statement it leaves. 
A quick FYI Candy Yum Yum will be released soon part of the MAC's By Request collection.

Party Parrot: a neon medium dark pink with a matte finish. Love this bold color.

Diamond Dove: A dark brown with cool undertones with a matte finish.
Howzat: A bluish gray with a sheen with a satin finish.

Optical Bronzer: This is by far my favorite blusher at the moment. It suits me perfectly. It's the perfect shade of pink and bronze combined together.



♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

OMG they are awfully awesome :)
loved every shade.Pink pigeon is rocking :)

LOSAWAY said...

lovely all the lipsticks! =)

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